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miercuri, 12 septembrie 2012

"Just for you" by Viky Red

I Left your letter on the floor
I can’t read it anymore
You ran a thousand miles away
If I could only stop that plane

Coz’ I felt it for you
For the first time in my life
All I want is
Just to bring you back
Bring you back

I’m gonna take that train
That’s leading me to you
I’m gonna stop that plane
And tell you I love you
I’m gonna be the man
Who never gave up on you
Coz I don’t wanna miss one day
Being without you
Don’t wanna miss one smile
When I’m not around you
Don’t wanna say goodbye
And I do it all for you,
Just for you

There’s a thing I need to know
Do you ever feel alone?
As the time keeps passing by
I need you more into my life

Don’t say goodbye
No, not tonight
I still wanna kiss you
Turn back time and
Be just like before

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