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vineri, 11 februarie 2011

Bia are o poezie

Now that you`re gone
My heart is broken
You were the only one
Who made me smile
Who made me laugh
At last,who made me happy.
Finally I can say
That I`m in the dark
Nobody believes me
`Cause they don`t know
What is a
Broken heart.
Yeah,I can say all that you want!
I can say I was happy,`cause it`s true.
I can say I was loved,`cause it`s true.
I can say I was alive,`cause it`s true
I can say I loved you and I still do.
I`m going under,
Yes,I`m going down.
I`m going slow.
I`m sorry I can`t take you with me
To make you see
How awful I feel.
You`re happy
I`m dead.
That piece is gone,
Left the puzzle undone!

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